What do I expect from Reiki?

Reiki is the Japanese word for "life force energy" the practice of Reiki enables the flow of energy which has healing characteristics with physical, mental and emotional benefits. You can expect to feel relaxed after a session. your experience will be unique to you and your intent from the session. whatever you feel is absolutely ok. 

Can you do distance Reiki?

Reiki can be offered in person or remotely, for remote sessions I will set up a video conference. 

What do I expect from Personal Counselling

During a personal counselling session we will have a conversation about your goals and intention from the session, will explore steps to fulfil these goals. you might benefit from just one session or you might choose to work on something over a period of time. in either cases I will be there to assist you at your own pace. 

What type of coaching do you offer?


- Relationship Coaching: Overcoming challenges in your relationship, improving your communication with your partner, finding intimacy in your relationship. 

- Personal Development Coaching: setting goals and carrying out concrete steps to achieve them.


- Addiction Recovery Coaching: I have experience working with food addiction, sex and love addiction and other subtle forms of addiction. we will work together to identify what is the "drug" of choice, how it is affecting your wellbeing and how to overcome the consequences of the addiction one day at a time. 


What payment method do you accept?

- Bank Transfer

- Cash

- PayPal  

What hours are you available? 

Please message me to coordinate a time that works. because I am working with clients from around the world, my hours vary to accommodate different time zones.